Minimalism is like Marmite



For those of you who don’t know, Marmite is a famous British branded yeast extract spread. It has lovers and haters, and not much in between. The manufacturers even use this love/hate relationship as a feature of their advertising. I find a similar love/hate standpoint toward minimalism in photography, and wonder why it is like that.

In the above minimal photograph I see a beautiful arrangement of shapes and colours where others may just see a sign against a wall. It is this transformation from the mundane which excites me about minimal photography, in the same way that, for me, Marmite transforms a mundane slice of toast into an exciting taste sensation.


6 thoughts on “Minimalism is like Marmite

  1. Reblogged this on stu ART photo and commented:

    …Marmite back in Tesco!
    This is a reblog of my very first post on WP. Then, I felt it necessary to explain to those outside the UK what Marmite was. To best explain the relevance of this reblog today, just do a google search for ‘Marmite Tesco’


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