I am an avid photographer from Bradford, UK, who by day travels the world for work. I was raised on film SLR’s, but fully embraced the digital world in the early 2000’s. I am not scholared in photography or art, but seem to see things that most would simply pass by. I spend a considerable (some would say unhealthy) amount of time wandering city streets and industrial areas in search of my images.

Purchasing my work in print

The main purpose of this site is to entertain and encourage others to see the world like I do by showcasing my work in the niche genres of minimal and abstract photography. Of course, my prints are also available for sale, so if you are interested in purchasing any of my work, please click on the SALES GALLERY tab above to see pricing on available options.

26 thoughts on “About

    • Hi Benjamin, interesting question, but I am not sure I can answer it! I spend a lot of time in cities and love to practice my photography there, where there is so much to see. As regards minimal, It is just the way I see things I guess!


    • Thank you very much. I am pleased you found my blog as it has directed towards yours. Unlike you, I have a keen interest in other types of photography but get distracted by minimalism 🙂 love your ‘abstract street’ style!

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  1. Hi Stuart, many thanks for taking the time to like my blog post’s ‘Welcome to Urban-Heritage’ & ‘The Snooze’. More importantly thanks for following my blog, it’s really appreciated!

    As you know, I think we already follow each other across multiple platforms, I love your work, you always manage to find something vivid, edgy & stunning from the urban landscape. I feel we share the same belief, that if people look hard enough there’s beauty & art on every corner.

    Keep up the fantastic work, Urban Shutterbug (Gav).

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    • Hi Gav, thank you very much for following me and for your great comment about my work. The feeling is quite mutual! Indeed I learned about your blog through a link you posted somewhere! Cheers, Stuart


  2. My Dad saw some of your work in Leeds recently and suggested I took a look. I think it’s stunning. I’m always amazed at the beauty in things we walk past every day.

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  3. Great blog 🙂 I really enjoy your work, the abstract photography appeals to me as well. I like the color and detail you capture on your pictures. I like your eye for detail. Great work in finding your subjects in unexpected places. Keep up your interesting work. By the way, thanks for visiting my blog.

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