Occasionally I do stray outside of the urban environment, and not always by accident. In June 2021 I took a weekend photography holiday to The Wirral Peninsula in England. Not really knowing what to expect, I very pleasantly surprised by the peacefulness of this area, particularly the North and Western coasts. This image was taken in Hoylake on the north coast, and is my favourite image from that weekend, and probably from 2021. It is now part of a set of images I have called Minimalscapes, more of which can be viewed here in my sales gallery

Thrill Seeker


For me, the thrill in photography is chasing that unusual subject, composing it in the viewfinder, and pressing the shutter. I also get excitement from first seeing my images on the monitor, as I did in the past with film, seeing my prints come to life in the darkroom. Continue reading