Shape Form Colour


Shape, form, and colour is often key to my minimalist images. Here is one I took recently while on holiday in Verona, Italy. More can be found, and even bought as prints etc. here


Autumnal cliché


I can’t believe it is October already, and that the last time I posted was in July! For one reason or another, things have been very busy hence the lack of posting, despite the fact I have many images waiting in the wing. Anyway, things should get easier in a few weeks and I can get back to  posting regularly.

Shadowy Existence


This is one of those rare images where I have re-visited a location to take further photographs. I was not happy with the first attempt. Thankfully was back in the city a year later, and actually remembered where the building was!

I’ll come back later

DSC_7710 a.jpg

I am assuming the decorator was painting grey over the yellow. My first question is why? My second question is why did they stop? I am not the greatest decorator in the world, in fact my wife does all that sort of stuff in the house, but once I’ve started a job I will finish it!