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All the elements came together here, I hope!

Right place, better subject


During the cab ride to my hotel in Fort Worth recently we passed a building that to me looked very interesting as a photographic subject. A few day later I walked four miles to find the building, but when I got there it wasn’t what I had expected, but found this instead just around the corner.

First impressions last


Sometimes the best image is the first one you take. At the time I was not happy with the lighting as this wall was in shade. However, when I returned later in the day, there was too much glare from the glass, and the shadows in the windows were too distracting.


I don’t know!


If had been paying more attention at the time, I would have made a mental note of what the orange thing was in that window. As it was, and as it usually is, I was paying more attention to composition and to finding the right spot to take the photo. Now I am curious and must go back when I am next in that city!

In the shade on this one


This was the first attempt at capturing this image, and really liked it. However, the wall was in shade, so I decided I needed to go back when the light would be casting a shadow. The time I calculated to be best was 7.30am, so the next day I crawled out of my bed and trekked the 2 miles to the scene. My calculations were correct, as light was casting a shadow, but the shadow was uneven and very displeasing to look at, so I stuck with my first image. More of this type of image can be found here


The Big Shadow


I often feature shadows in my images. Maybe my fascination with deep shadows is because they are a rarity here in the UK. Thankfully I get to travel to countries where the sun is not such a mysterious object in the sky.

Sad Wall


Who would have thought that security downlighters could make an interesting photographic subject? Well I obviously did! I was particularly attracted to their position in relation to the two contrasting blocks of colour, and that the lights could be seen to resemble rather sad eyes!

Bakery Wall


I often wonder why architects create such great looking facades. I can understand when it is on public view in a city centre, or from a main road in an industrial area or retail park. This, however, was the facade to a large bakery which could only be seen from the delivery area. Go figure!

Green Wall


This image may look like it has been manipulated, but apart from some minor enhancements to colour and contrast, it is as taken. The green wall on the left side is a reflection in the mirrored glass windows.

Hitting a Brick wall


Blocks of paint on brick walls, and walls in general seem to be quite a common site in the USA. I have never had a definitive answer on why they are there. My assumption is that it is covering up graffiti, but so far my enquiries have hit a brick wall. If anyone reading my blog has any idea, please could you comment?