Urban Winter

Winter is generally not a great time for urban photography, particularly in the UK. During the few hours of daylight we do get , it is either overcast and hence low lighting, or bright sunshine with long distracting shadows. One relief from these conditions is during or after snowfall, which tends to accentuate any little bit of colour that is around. It also provides great opportunities for minimalist style images.

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I am fascinated by trees in the urban environment, and I have featured them in both in my minimalist and new topographics photographs. In minimalism, I am normally trying to avoid them because of the unnecessary context or distraction. In urbanscapes they often affect the balance or symmetry I am trying to achieve. However they do occasionally provide a superb contrast to what would otherwise be a very uninteresting wall or landscape.

It’s all here in black and white

Although most of my photography now is in colour, there are certain times when black and white suits the subject better, particularly in minimalism where high contrast works very well. I do enjoy subjects in strong sunlight and deep shadows as can be seen in this example. More of my black and white minimalism can be found here in my sales gallery.