City Grids


This photograph, taken in Leeds, England, is one of a series of over 50 images from all over the world which, for obvious reasons, I call City Grids. The full series of images can be viewed here


Aesthetica Magazine Feature

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I have been honoured by Aesthetica Magazine with a 12 page feature. Here are the 11 images which they selected. The magazine is is available in hard copy and digital versions, and they have stockists worldwide listed on their page. Can’t wait to get hold of a hard copy myself!

Getting distracted


I often mention in my blogs about how I try to avoid distracting objects like streetlights and trees. Well, in this example, without the streetlight it would have been plain boring. Sometimes a bit of distraction is good, sometimes it is essential! More of my black and white minimalism can be found here

Shadowy Existence


This is one of those rare images where I have re-visited a location to take further photographs. I was not happy with the first attempt. Thankfully was back in the city a year later, and actually remembered where the building was!

Urban Living


Flora and fauna features very rarely in my photography, probably because I would rather be admiring it than photographing it myself. I also don’t think I have the patience, or skill for that matter, that is normally required for wildlife photography. However, it was the contrast between urban and living that jumped out at me and said ‘you must take a photo of me’. A long lens and wide aperture helped create intrigue by means of the shallow depth of field.