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All the elements came together here, I hope!

Right place, better subject


During the cab ride to my hotel in Fort Worth recently we passed a building that to me looked very interesting as a photographic subject. A few day later I walked four miles to find the building, but when I got there it wasn’t what I had expected, but found this instead just around the corner.

Is it real?


I am regularly asked this question when sharing my images. Each time I have to say yes, it is real. I walk the streets to find these unusual building and objects; that is the pleasure for me. I couldn’t think of anything worse than sitting at home on my computer making these things up. I know others do, and that is fine, but I don’t.



This image is part of a series of images featuring that ever popular subject of ventilation grilles, which is a subset of my Industrial Minimalism series. I think I spend an unhealthy amount of time at the weekends wandering around deserted industrial estates!

I got distracted


In earlier posts I have complained about the difficulties involved in urban minimalism, particularly in trying to avoid distractions such as trees and lamp posts. On this occasion however, the ‘distracting’ lamp post, for me, provided the perfect balance in the composition.

One Magical Day No. 2


Here is another photo from my ‘One Magical Day’ taken last year one sunny Sunday morning while scouting for suitable subjects. The red line cutting through the squares really appealed, but the balance for me was the shadow cast by the security light.


Red Alert


I am fascinated by features which architectects use in their designs. However, I am sure in this case the red alarm cover was not part of that design, rather a security afterthought. For me as a photographer though, the alarm was a dream, as I was able to incorporate it into my composition. I was just grateful that they had chosen a red cover!



Green, red, and shadow


I include this photo as part of my Industrial Minimalism project. In reality however it is a retail store frontage with the shutters closed. I could change the name of the project to Industrial and Retail Minimalism but it doesn’t seem to have the same ring to it.

Familiarity Breeds Contempt

DSC_1278 a

I started my ‘Industrial Minimalism’ project in July 2014, but it wasn’t until much later that I actually took this photograph. Nothing strange there you may ask, until I mention that this is at my place of work and have walked past these doors many times, even before the project started!

Bakery Wall


I often wonder why architects create such great looking facades. I can understand when it is on public view in a city centre, or from a main road in an industrial area or retail park. This, however, was the facade to a large bakery which could only be seen from the delivery area. Go figure!

Play School


This image reminds me of Play School, a long-running British children’s TV program that broadcast from 1964 until 1988.  It was mostly studio based, but as a break we were asked which window we should go through; round, square or occasionally arched. Continue reading