Reflecting on Windows


I normally try to avoid reflections in shots such as this, but on this occasion I thought the wisp of distorted clouds seems to give a slightly ethereal feel.

Texas Colours

This is an image from a series I entitled ‘Texas Colours’. The full series for purchase can be found here. It was also one of the nine included in the feature about me in Aesthetica Magazine.

On Parade


More often than not I am trying to avoid trees and other street ‘obstacles’ in order to get a clean view of my intended subject. Not here. The sun was at a perfect angle,  with the ‘on parade’ trees bathed in brightness, providing superb contrast with the shaded wall.

It’s Those Little Things…


I loved this wall; the colour was fantastic, as was the texture and those super white stripes as architectural features. However, for me it was the inclusion and placement of the small vent that was crucial to the composition. Thank goodness functionality took precedence over aesthetics!

Green, red, and shadow


I include this photo as part of my Industrial Minimalism project. In reality however it is a retail store frontage with the shutters closed. I could change the name of the project to Industrial and Retail Minimalism but it doesn’t seem to have the same ring to it.

Green Wall


This image may look like it has been manipulated, but apart from some minor enhancements to colour and contrast, it is as taken. The green wall on the left side is a reflection in the mirrored glass windows.