One Hour in Carlisle


Having driven nearly 1500 miles in the UK this week, on the way back home from Scotland I developed a sore back and decided to stop off briefly in Carlisle. I was there about an hour and the walk around did the trick with my back. I was also able to get a capture a few additions for my UK collection of New Topographics images, more of which can be found here I my sales gallery

City Grids


This photograph, taken in Leeds, England, is one of a series of over 50 images from all over the world which, for obvious reasons, I call City Grids. The full series of images can be viewed here

Shadowy Existence


This is one of those rare images where I have re-visited a location to take further photographs. I was not happy with the first attempt. Thankfully was back in the city a year later, and actually remembered where the building was!