Industrial Colour


I have no idea why a factory would paint its premises these colours, but they must have had their reasons! This is part of my Industrial Colour series, some of which I have already posted, and many more to come!

Is it a painting?


Viewers often mistake this photograph, which is part of my ‘abstritecture’ series, as a painting. It may be because the distortion that the warped glass causes gives the effect of brush strokes. It may also be that they don’t necessarily recognise it as Continue reading

Timing is Everything!

This photo just made it to Editor’s Choice on 500px – my first since becoming a member there over 2 years ago 🙂

Stuart Allen


I am sure that some think that minimal urban photography doesn’t have time constraints. After all, buildings don’t move do they? Then again, it depends where your reference.

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…..and the sky is grey….


Sometimes, and only sometimes, an overcast grey sky is better than clear and blue. Had it been the latter on the day I took this photo, then the reflection on the open window may have been too blue and not provided the contrast I needed between the surrounding blue which was a result of the reflective colour used in the glass.

Thrill Seeker


For me, the thrill in photography is chasing that unusual subject, composing it in the viewfinder, and pressing the shutter. I also get excitement from first seeing my images on the monitor, as I did in the past with film, seeing my prints come to life in the darkroom. Continue reading



Walk around any large city these days and you are likely to find buildings faced predominantly with reflective glass. I find these buildings an excellent canvas for abstract photography, and over the last couple of years have built up a series of what I call abstritecture.