Composition is King


Well, certainly in minimal photography it is anyway. This wall was otherwise a random mix of shapes, colours and textures, but some close cropping brings the composition, for me, to life.


Shadowy Existence


This is one of those rare images where I have re-visited a location to take further photographs. I was not happy with the first attempt. Thankfully was back in the city a year later, and actually remembered where the building was!

Get over that security fencing


While this wall was very interesting to me as a minimalist photographer, I felt it needed something else to lift it . I tried including some some of the wall’s windows, but that didn’t seem to work. Finally, I decided to include some of the roof security fencing, which to my eyes contrasted nicely with the wall and the Californian blue sky in the background.

Four-eyed monster


I am a real sucker for ‘I can see a face’ images. This one I ‘found’ on a fairly uneventful stroll around a dull and grey city. Thankfully the bricks on the wall were white, which nicely contrasted with the blue of the door and vents.


DSC_1563 bb

It is difficult to know how far to go with minimalism. Taking out too much detail can lead to blandness, whilst leaving in the detail can be distracting. In this image the intent was to see just how much detail I could remove to keep visual interest. For me this works, the essential part of the image being slight imperfections in the wall to compliment the simple composition.

‘Let’s make it look interesting’


It never ceases to amaze me the lengths that architects will go to in making a drab walls look interesting. This was the side of an industrial building, away from public gaze and, to the best of my knowledge, the pattern did not serve any practical purpose other than to please the eye.

On Parade


More often than not I am trying to avoid trees and other street ‘obstacles’ in order to get a clean view of my intended subject. Not here. The sun was at a perfect angle,  with the ‘on parade’ trees bathed in brightness, providing superb contrast with the shaded wall.

Wheel of Fortune


Ferris wheels as tourist attractions are becoming a common site in many cities around the world . This is a reflection of the one in downtown Atlanta, the distortions in the reflective glass making it look quite surrreal. Fortunately I caught the light at the right time!

Retail Therapy


Much to the disappointment of my wife, like the vast majority of men I know I do not enjoy shopping, unless it is for cameras or electronics of course! I would sooner be outside the shop taking photographs, as in this particular case.

Is my obsession unhealthy?


When I am in a city, I often meet and converse with fellow photographers, but never do I see any when wandering around industrial estates at the weekend, as those of you who read my blog reglulary know I do. I was therefore wondering if this was an unhealthy obsession of mine?

The Big Shadow


I often feature shadows in my images. Maybe my fascination with deep shadows is because they are a rarity here in the UK. Thankfully I get to travel to countries where the sun is not such a mysterious object in the sky.

Not all there


The title doesn’t refer to my mental state, although there are some who would agree. No, the title is in reference to the ‘incomplete’ window in this image. Often in minimal compositions it is better not include the whole subject in a frame, to add intrigue and emphasise the abstraction.



This image is part of a series of images featuring that ever popular subject of ventilation grilles, which is a subset of my Industrial Minimalism series. I think I spend an unhealthy amount of time at the weekends wandering around deserted industrial estates!

Sihouettes and Shadows


Although I rarely take photos of people, when I do, as in this image they are normally disguised by shadow or as a silhouette. From this spot I took in the region of 100 photos, and this is the only one where the subjects were in the right place and the shadows and silhouettes were, in my opinion, balanced just right.

Wall Mirror

DSC_1601 b

I often enhance colour in my images, but rarely change it. The exception is converting to black and white or, as in this case, desaturating part of the image. I felt that by doing this it highlighted the reflected image, which contrasts nicely against the ‘grey’ wall.

Connected, or not….


One of the beautiful things about photography is the way the camera lens can be used to decieve the eye. In this image it could look like the shutters are connected to the arch. However, the tight composition and wide depth of field are used in the deception. In reality, there was something like 50 feet between the two, and were from completely different structures.

It’s Those Little Things…


I loved this wall; the colour was fantastic, as was the texture and those super white stripes as architectural features. However, for me it was the inclusion and placement of the small vent that was crucial to the composition. Thank goodness functionality took precedence over aesthetics!

Top Spot on 500px!


I don’t normally use my blog to shout about my own photographic achievements, but I thought this one deserved a mention. Two weeks ago this photo took the top spot on 500px; no mean feat considering the intense competition from all the landscapes and fashion images which generally have more mass appeal. Agreed it was only for a couple of hours at most, but it made it!

Unfinished and Unbalanced

DSC_1365 BW

This building appealed to me because the windows had yet to be fitted, leaving just the  apertures. However, I was struggling with composition, and had to take many photos until I was happy. The big question to me was whether the drainpipe added or detracted from the composition. In the final edit, I decided that it added to the composition, but needed to be off centre.

I got distracted


In earlier posts I have complained about the difficulties involved in urban minimalism, particularly in trying to avoid distractions such as trees and lamp posts. On this occasion however, the ‘distracting’ lamp post, for me, provided the perfect balance in the composition.

Geometric….or not?


I am fascinated by how slightest irregularities gives wonderful juxtaposition to the otherwise clean lines found in modern architecture. Even the flatest looking window pane is likely to have some warping, which is excellent for creating abstract photography out of geomentric structures.

One Magical Day No. 2


Here is another photo from my ‘One Magical Day’ taken last year one sunny Sunday morning while scouting for suitable subjects. The red line cutting through the squares really appealed, but the balance for me was the shadow cast by the security light.


Sad Wall


Who would have thought that security downlighters could make an interesting photographic subject? Well I obviously did! I was particularly attracted to their position in relation to the two contrasting blocks of colour, and that the lights could be seen to resemble rather sad eyes!

Looks Can Deceive

DSC_0083 BW

Whilst this facade may have a touch of a Scandinavian feel, in reality it is from an industrial building near the cente of Denver, Colorado. This is one of the beauties of minimalism, using a tight composition to remove context and therefore deceive the eye.



Red Alert


I am fascinated by features which architectects use in their designs. However, I am sure in this case the red alarm cover was not part of that design, rather a security afterthought. For me as a photographer though, the alarm was a dream, as I was able to incorporate it into my composition. I was just grateful that they had chosen a red cover!



Minimalism is like Marmite II


My very first post on this blog was ‘Minimalism is like Marmite’ and I felt this image summed up this title so well I thought I would revisit. Many will see this as just too simple to appreciate. Where is the subject? Where is the detail? However, if you are like me, you will see beauty in the arrangement and balance of the shapes, being the essence of minimalism in photography.

Green, red, and shadow


I include this photo as part of my Industrial Minimalism project. In reality however it is a retail store frontage with the shutters closed. I could change the name of the project to Industrial and Retail Minimalism but it doesn’t seem to have the same ring to it.

Familiarity Breeds Contempt

DSC_1278 a

I started my ‘Industrial Minimalism’ project in July 2014, but it wasn’t until much later that I actually took this photograph. Nothing strange there you may ask, until I mention that this is at my place of work and have walked past these doors many times, even before the project started!