Minimal Black and White


I very rarely intend to take black and white images deliberately, but sometimes there is so little colour that it just makes sense to convert them to monochrome. In my sales gallery here you will find many examples of my work in this style.

One Hour in Carlisle


Having driven nearly 1500 miles in the UK this week, on the way back home from Scotland I developed a sore back and decided to stop off briefly in Carlisle. I was there about an hour and the walk around did the trick with my back. I was also able to get a capture a few additions for my UK collection of New Topographics images, more of which can be found here I my sales gallery

Bradford in Colour


I haven’t been much further than my home city of Bradford here in England in 2019 yet, but that hasn’t stopped me taking photos. The light here this time of year isn’t conducive to minimalism, so I’ve been using the time to build up my New Topographics collection. More of my Yorkshire Topographics collection can be found in my sales gallery here

Miami, Florida


During a recent business trip to Miami. Florida, I was lucky enough to get some free time. However, rather than head to the beach or the everglades, in typical style I chose the local industrial estates for my rest and relaxation. For more of my photographic musings in Miami, please click here

Douar Erha


I have just returned from a holiday in Marrakech, Morocco and whilst the holiday was mainly about chilling out with my wife, I did find time to practice my new found love of New Topographics photography. Our hotel was next to a village called Douar Erha, just south of Marrakech. Being in an area frequented by tourists, the village has its fair share of holiday villas and hotels. However, surrounding these are the rather more humble homes and shops of locals. Better known for my minimalist photographic style I was naturally inspired by the shape, form and line of the buildings, as well as their eerily isolated feel. However, despite the unfinished look of the buildings and little signs of life, it is quite evident that they are habited. In fact, I was invited into one of the homes to share mint tea and Arabic bread!

The complete series can be found here